Feast of Unleavened Bread: April 20 and 27 (11 am-3pm)
Pentecost: June 9 (11 am-3pm)
Trumpets: September 30 (11 am-3pm)
Yom-Kippur: October 9 (11 am-3pm)
Tabernacles: October 14 and 21 (11 am-3pm)
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What does the blood symbolize according to Leviticus 17:11 and what promise does Yahshua made to his disciples having known the true meaning of the Passover lamb? John 6: 54-56

Who established the festivities and asked us to proclaim the holy assemblies? Leviticus 23: 1, 2,4 The Bread of Unleavened Bread is the first of the three great feasts.

Also known as the “Feast of Weeks, Harvest and First fruits”, is observed in the month of Sivan (May / June) 50 days after Unleavened Breads or exactly the day after 7 full weeks have been completed.

This festival is celebrated on the first day of the seventh month Tishri (September / October) at the beginning of autumn. It is to be celebrated with the blowing of the Shofar (the horn of a ram) and a special offering to Yahweh.

This festival is celebrated on the tenth of Tishri (September / October) five days before “The Feast of Tabernacles”.

This festival is known as “Feast of Yahweh” or just simply “the feast” because of its popularity. Is celebrated for 7 days where the congregation was to dwell in booths and have a holy convocation on the 8th day. Like in all of Yahweh’s feasts, this one is full of symbolism.